Photo A Day Challenges by Fat Mum Slim

January 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge

March Photo A Day Challenge


29 comments on “Photo A Day Challenges by Fat Mum Slim

    • Hi Emma,

      Great question. I will be adding them. I had some issues with my phone so I am behind but will be catching up soon.

      Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for the new images:)


  1. Can u post the August one soon? I didn’t get to start the July from the beginning and I want to do the August one πŸ˜ƒ

      • Hello! Just had a quick look at the monthly list to see if I can start it any month without having to follow a specific month per month and bit confused by some of it. Like you then and you now and also most fave photo you’ve taken. Does this mean you can use previous/old photos? Thought the whole point is you take a photo a day. Sorry bit of a newbie with this πŸ™‚

      • Hi,

        It is really about having fun:) You can go back in time if you wanted to…most people are trying to only use photos that they take in this moment on this day.
        But do not stress, if you miss a day or remember a photo you had and the prompt reminds you of that – go with it and enjoy πŸ™‚

        Can’t wait to see your pics!

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